Which instrument are you going to buy?

An Australian band’s latest album has been hailed as a classic by many, with the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Foo Fighters describing the record as “epic”.

The new album, The Cello Instrument, is out now on Bandcamp.

The album is described by Bandcamp as a fusion of rock, pop, country, hip-hop, jazz and jazz fusion, with vocals and guitar played by Australian singer-songwriter, actress, guitarist and musician Gwendolyn Brooks.

Brooks, who is also known for her role as a “voice-over narrator” on Disney Channel’s Voiceover Adventures, also wrote the theme song for Disney’s Aladdin.

In the film, Aladdin is a wealthy but arrogant prince who is offered to marry his cousin.

He refuses, and he is sent to live in a secluded kingdom.

Brooks was previously an assistant music director for the Broadway production of The Lion King and the theme of the film was also “Gwendolyn”.

Brooks said she was inspired by the song “The Cello Instruments” by French singer Jean-Paul Sartre.

The song is often credited with inspiring her music.

Brookes’ debut album, 2015’s I Know What You Did Last Summer, had also been described as one of the best of the year.

The album went on to sell over 100,000 copies and is considered by many to be the best album of the decade.

“This record is the most cohesive record I’ve made since I wrote Aladdin,” Brooks said in a statement.

“I know what it means to me and the music is just beautiful.”

“The Cellaros are one of those things that I’ve been playing for a long time,” Brooks continued.

“They were the music of my youth and it was so hard to put them together because of the way they sounded.”

I was inspired to write them as a result of my love of Sartres music.

They are a perfect representation of my style of singing and how I feel about music as a whole.

“The Cellaro is the third record Brooks has made since The Cellaro.

Her first album, 2014’s Wuthering Heights, was a collaboration with jazz saxophonist, violinist and composer Toni Braxton.

The Cellero was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Music Recording.

The record features three of Brooks’ previous collaborations with Braxton: an original recording with saxophonists Paul Oakenfold and James McWilliams and a recording with piano player and vocalist Mark Haskins, a collaboration Brooks has done with Haskin on the album A Fine Day.

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