Which instruments do we buy?

A new survey by the Consumer Reports Institute found that most people have no idea what they’re buying when they buy an instrument.

The study found that just 6% of respondents said they bought an acoustic guitar, while only 2% of those who said they owned an electric guitar and 4% of electric basses had ever purchased one.

However, some people are more savvy than others, as the report notes:People with more education about what they want to buy can find more choices, such as the $10,000 Gibson ES-355 Electric Bass.

It’s a solid, well-built bass, with a full-range pickup that’s built for precision and power, and a built-in tone-mapping circuit that can make it even more dynamic than a more traditional guitar or bass.

But for those who don’t have the time to spend hours on the internet, there are some instruments you may want to consider if you’re just starting out with your guitar.

The Acoustic Bass has a full range pickup that allows you to play more of the instruments traditional sounds like the Stratocaster or the Telecaster.

And if you’ve got the money for a full package, there’s a $20,000 Yamaha G-Tec C-7 Bass Pro that gives you a full bass, and can even be used as a standalone bass.

It has a solid tone, but you’ll need a dedicated amp to make it sing, so you might need to purchase a separate speaker.

The Fender Precision Bass is a solid bass, too, and it can be used to fill a guitar’s bass cabinet with clean tones.

It can also be used for vocals, but with a little more work, you could also use it as a solo instrument, which means it can also work as a stand-alone amp.

The Yamaha F-TAC5X Bass amp is one of the best affordable bass amps around, especially when you factor in its solid tone.

If you’re looking for a new bass, you can get a $500 Fender Pro Guitar and $500 Yamaha Fender Bass amp.

Other instruments that can be fun and versatile include the $15,000 Korg Korg Mini, which has a great tone and is great for use as a guitar or as a lead instrument, as it sounds like a mini electric guitar.

And the $30,000 Bass Boost, which is one big combo amp that gives it a bass sound with plenty of bass and a midrange that can go on your amp and really rock it.

But if you want a solid guitar, you should look for a bass that’s well-made and doesn’t need an amp.

The Acoustic Black Bass is well-balanced and doesn.t need a separate amp, but if you’d like a different tone, you’ll want to look for the $60,000 Epiphone Les Paul Bass.

You’ll also want to find a decent-quality bass that doesn’t require a separate amplifier, as some cheaper basses don’t come with a built in amplifier.

And a bass is more than just a guitar, so if you really want to impress your friends with your new, solid bass guitar, the $100,000 Roland TB-303 Bass has an excellent midrange and a warm tone that’ll get your work done.

And the $180,000 Blackface Pro Bass is one bass that will make you happy, as its bass tone is warm and punchy and can be a great addition to your rig.

The $120,000 Tascam DR-3000 Bass Pro Bass, like the $20 of the Acoustic Acoustic, has a deep bass sound that will fit in your amp.

And there’s even a $150,000 DTS-HD Master Audio Pro Bass that can also handle vocals, as well as guitar, bass, mandolin, and drum.

The new $140,000 Acoustic Tascaman DR-500 Bass is another bass that can take on a whole range of different instruments, from acoustic guitar to banjo, bass drum, and even some electric bass.

And while it’s not a full combo amp, it does have a built In-Ear Headphone Jack for you to listen to your music while you’re playing it.

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