When Yamaha introduced the Yamaha XB-10, a $3,995 bike was considered a bargain, so how much is the Yamaha a $6,100 bike?

Yamaha has long been the poster child for the modern-day, high-performance bike, but the company also pioneered some very practical design.

Its Yamaha XS100 and XS650 bikes have been lauded for their versatility, and now, Yamaha is expanding on the same model with a $5,100 “XB-X” model.

The Yamaha XBS, as it’s known, is Yamaha’s entry-level entry-style bike.

It has the same basic frame and frame parts as its XB models, but it’s also equipped with aero-tactical forks, an alloy frame, and a carbon fork, a new alloy frame and fork for the XB250, and the new, lighter XB650.

The XBS’s aluminum frameset has a new design, with the frame tube front and rear of the frame being joined together to form a single tube.

The bike comes with a carbon-fiber fork, and its aluminum frame is available with a new, lower-travel fork.

The frame is also available with carbon-alloy forks, but in the XBS350 and XBS450 the forks are titanium, and it has the alloy fork option.

The XB350 has a lower-than-stock seatpost, which is standard in most Yamaha bikes, and comes with the new fork, which has a smaller tube.

The fork also has a longer travel than the fork in the standard XB, but a smaller one.

The new fork is a new and lighter version of the XS350, which comes with carbon frames.

The new XB450 uses a carbon seatpost and fork, while the XSB350 and the XCB450 have aluminum frame parts.

The carbon frame is a better option, but not as lightweight as the aluminum.

The aluminum XB550 has a carbon frame and aluminum seatpost.

The bike has a higher-travel carbon fork with lower travel, but its overall weight is the same as the carbon forks.

The aluminium XB500 is the lightest XB.

The aluminum XSB500 has a lightweight carbon fork.

There are other options for the bike, including a carbon/aluminum fork with a lower travel.

The most expensive of these forks is the $6.2k Yamaha XC650, which includes the $5.8k carbon fork plus $2,000 for a carbon tank.

The $6k Yamaha has a more lightweight fork, but still uses the same aluminum frame.

It’s available in either aluminum or carbon frames, and features the carbon-crown frame, carbon-fork seatpost with carbon caps, and aluminum tank.

In this image provided by Yamaha, the carbon frame in the Yamaha YX-550.

The image was taken by James C. Cairns at the Yamaha booth at the 2014 International Motor Show in Milan, Italy.

The $6K Yamaha X-650 has a shorter carbon fork than the $4.7k XB and has a $2k tank.

A $6S XSB650 is available, and is lighter and has the shorter carbon forks and aluminum frame, which means it can be used with either a carbon or aluminum fork.

The more affordable $6X-650, made by Yamaha and priced at $2.2, has a slightly longer fork.

It also comes with its own carbon fork and a lighter tank.

This bike also has the new carbon-cap alloy fork.

In the Yamaha’s case, it’s called the $2SX, and you can find it on sale now at $1,999.

A bike can be priced differently for different purposes, such as a bike for commuting or for people who like to ride on a bike.

The Yamaha XR650 is a commuter bike, and this bike is a top-end commuter.

The price depends on the size of the bike and the size and type of tire.

For example, the XR350 has an entry-class, high performance, bike, while $3K bikes are more for the more serious riders.

The lower-priced $6SB-650 is more of a budget bike, with a similar frame as the $3.3K Yamaha SB250 and SB450, and priced between $2K and $2M.

It is also lighter than the bike in the $9K Yamaha S1000.

The more expensive $6B-650 offers a slightly higher-performance, entry-category bike, the $10.2K Yamaha R-450, which features a carbon suspension fork, aluminum frame and carbon tank, and titanium wheels.

The smaller $6F-650 comes in two sizes: the $1.9K XF650, the more affordable XF450, a bit more affordable than the SB250, but less than the X350, and $1K

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