Which instruments will be featured on the next installment of the Mks Instruments Project

The Mks instruments project will feature six instruments from different musical genres.

“MKS is always trying to explore new music, which is what has made MKS unique and successful,” said Mks founder and CEO Mark Wahlberg in a press release.

“With the MKS Instruments Project, we aim to capture the diversity of musical genres that are in common use today, to create a unique and collaborative toolbox for artists and audiences alike.”

Each instrument will be paired with a composer and a performer to give the public the chance to hear their compositions on a massive scale.

“There is so much great music in our community and I believe we can create something that truly resonates,” Wahl, said in the release.

The Mys instruments will also feature a selection of video and sound effects that have been created by Mks engineers, along with a selection from the Mys creative director, Kevin Kwan.

These effects will be used in various areas of the project, including the film and music.

The first Mks Instrument project was created by Wahl in 2011.

It featured the Mbs newest instrument, the S-30 acoustic guitar.

The instrument was featured on Mks soundtrack to the film “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” which won Best Original Score and was nominated for two Grammy Awards.

“When you see the music we made for this movie, you know that the music was made by MKS,” said Wahl.

“It’s a great project for MKS to continue and grow.”

The Mks project is one of a number of Mks projects aimed at bringing musicians together through collaboration.

In addition to its musical instruments, Mks has also created a digital audio project called Mks Studio that is meant to connect musicians, artists, and film fans.

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