Why it’s so hard to tell what’s real and what’s not: The difference between ‘natural’ and ‘natural medicine’

By Kate Burdon-WrightThe difference between “natural” and “natural medicine” is a fundamental one in health care.

There’s no doubt about it: the science behind it is sound.

There are some aspects of the field that are, however, less clear.

In a series of posts on the New Scientist blog, I explore what the science is telling us about what is natural and what isn’t.

Here’s a selection of my posts.

Natural and non-natural medicine are two very different thingsNatural medicine is a field of science that deals with the effects of substances, or substances on the body, in a way that is natural to the human body.

It’s based on the theory that if a substance has a specific effect on the system, then it can be treated with the correct chemical and physical ingredients.

But there’s an additional layer of science: it deals with “nature” and its role in the body.

That is, if you have a natural substance, you can use it, and the effects on your body will be identical to those of any other substance in the same category.

The way that natural medicine deals with this is by looking at how the body works, and using those ideas to develop drugs.

There is, however: the problem is that natural medicines can be very expensive.

Natural medicine is not the same as natural medicine for which we can be sure that a person will be cured by the drugs.

In the case of antibiotics, the cost of a course of antibiotics can be up to $1,000 per course, whereas natural medicine costs about $100 per course.

There also is a question about the ethics of prescribing drugs that have been shown to have harmful effects.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the evidence base is not strong enough to recommend that antibiotics should be prescribed, although some people have had some success with them.

But what about the other side of the coin?

What about the effects that these drugs have on the human mind?

Many of the studies that have examined the possible negative effects of these drugs on the mind are based on animal experiments.

Some animal studies show that some drugs have negative effects on the central nervous system.

Some drugs have positive effects on other parts of the brain, such as the thalamus, or the part of the cortex that is involved in processing visual information.

This is the part that we are most familiar with.

The question that is often asked is whether these effects can be controlled.

There has been a lot of research into the issue of “natural healing” (or “natural health”) and there have been a number of successful trials that have shown that the effects can and do occur.

Some of the drugs have also been shown in animal models to work and can be used in people.

The problem with these studies is that they often rely on animals that are very vulnerable to adverse effects.

There have been several cases of people getting sick after taking the drugs, and these patients usually had the same symptoms that the animals that were the subject of the animal studies experienced.

In one case, the drug caused a person’s heart rate to increase, which led to them losing consciousness.

Another study in Canada found that taking the drug reduced a person who had recently died from congestive heart failure, but had been given a drug to treat a heart condition that was associated with a more serious condition.

In some cases, the drugs were also used to treat people who had suffered a stroke.

All of these studies have found that some of the medications used can cause side effects, and that it’s important to be careful when taking them.

Some studies have also shown that some people are able to stop taking the medication and regain their usual level of activity and activity levels.

This means that if you take a medication that you think will help you, it’s better to take it.

The other problem with natural medicine is that it doesn’t offer any kind of control over what the body does with the drugs that you are taking.

It has no way of telling whether the drug will work or not, and you can’t be sure what the drug is doing to the body at any given moment.

This makes it difficult to tell whether the effects will be temporary or permanent.

There was a study done in the UK which looked at people who took the drug for a month.

They were asked to wear a head-mounted display that would display the results of all the medicines that they had taken and also monitor their mood.

The researchers were looking for signs of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

They found that the people who were taking the anti-depressant drug were less likely to report feelings of sadness or guilt, and more likely to have a sense of humour and to be interested in life and people.

They also reported a sense that they were less anxious than the people taking the placebo.

There were some problems with the study.

The doctors who carried

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