Why is France demanding that all Muslims convert to Islam?

Paris is trying to impose a Muslim ban, and the French government is even asking for all Muslim-majority countries to submit lists of “musical instruments.”

But the ban isn’t just about banning music — the ban also includes all religious symbols, including crosses, crucifixes, mosques, synagogues, cemeteries, shrines, and shrines to saints.

“This is not an act of intolerance, it is an act against Islam,” said French Interior Minister Bruno Le Maire in a televised interview on Tuesday.

“It is a violation of religious freedom and the freedom of all French citizens.”

A group of Muslim women and religious scholars in France said in a statement Monday that “France is the first country in Europe to enact a ban on musical instruments.”

“This ban is an anti-musical act, and we will never accept it,” they added.

France, like many European countries, is currently facing an existential crisis.

Many Muslims are fleeing the country due to terrorism, and many others are fleeing from war, economic hardship, and political persecution in their homelands.

“France will continue to be a beacon for Muslims fleeing from violence,” Le Maires said in his televised interview.

“The ban is a measure against Islam.

And if France doesn’t allow people to play instruments, there will be a backlash from all Muslim communities.”

The Paris-based Islamic Cultural Center in the French capital, the Islamic Cultural Association of Paris, also denounced the ban in a Twitter post on Monday.

“In the name of God, France does not want to be part of the global terrorist agenda,” the tweet read.

“Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, freedom, and equality.

The ban on the Muslim faith is an attack on this religion, on the Muslims and the values of the faith.”

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