Which US states are more religious?

The latest data shows that there are more Evangelical and Mormon states in the U.S. than any other religious group, according to the Pew Research Center.

And while the two groups have differing political views, their share of the U,S.

population has remained fairly constant for decades.

But what about their religious affiliations?

The Religious Landscape Study, which tracks the religious composition of U. S. states and territories, found that the Southern Baptist Convention has the largest share of adherents in the nation.

The Episcopal Church has the smallest share.

The Southern Baptist Conference and Episcopalians are the only two Protestant denominations in the South that have a greater share of members in the religious group than the Evangelical Christian Community (ECC), which has a larger share of its members than any of the other Protestant denominations.

The ECC is one of the most politically active Protestant denominations, with about 30 percent of its membership in Congress and more than 2 million members in more than 1,100 branches.

The most religious of the Protestant denominations are the Episcopalians, who have the largest percentage of evangelicals in the country, with more than 60 percent.

The Lutheran Church has more than 30 percent and the Southern Baptists, who are the largest Catholic denomination in the United States, have about 28 percent.

The Southern Baptist convention and the Episcopal Church are the two largest Protestant denominations at more than 10 million members each.

However, the Southern Evangelical Baptist Convention and the Lutheran Church have the lowest membership in the world, at about 10,000 members each, and are smaller than the Episcopalian and Lutheran churches.

The most recent data, which was collected in 2010, shows that about 5 percent of Americans are members of the two denominations, according the Pew Center.

The Episcopal Church is also the only denomination that has a large percentage of Americans who identify as atheist, agnostic or other non-theistic.

However as the Pew data shows, there are about 1.5 million atheists in the American public, and there are only about 2 million agnostics.

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