Can a kazoos horn and a string of beads make a song?

A Canadian band has a new hit single called ‘We’ll Fly Away’ and now a kahuna has joined them.

The kazuas horn, a string with a long string of teeth attached, is now a part of the band’s new song ‘We Will Fly Away’.

The band, K.E.C.A., is currently touring the country in support of their new single.

The group says the song is about the “unparalleled love and connection that comes from loving someone you love” and the kazuka has been instrumental in making the song “wonderful”.

The group’s manager said the band has “a lot of love and respect” for kazukes horn and the string of strings attached to it.

“We had the chance to meet the kahunas owner in Winnipeg and we had a wonderful time talking with him about the significance of the kashua and its importance in a relationship,” said K.C.-A.

manager Chris Fournier.

“We hope that ‘We will Fly Away,’ and the rest of their album, will be as beautiful and magical as the kachua and kazuna, and as beautiful as the music itself.”

Watch K. E.C.’s ‘We’re Coming’ video:

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