How to find Texas Instruments’ new cool instruments

Texas Instruments has revealed some new instruments and gear for the upcoming year, and you can see a few of them in the gallery below.

The company says the new instruments will offer a “deepened range of musical expression” and are designed to help artists create more interesting soundscapes.

The list of instruments includes a new percussion instrument called the ‘tongue drum’, which can be used to play notes on the instrument’s body.

It also announced a new digital music player called the Shamusi that will “make it easier for musicians to use virtual instruments to create music.”

The company also revealed that they’ve partnered with the Los Angeles-based artist and songwriter Nils Lofgren, who is responsible for a series of electronic music tracks that have appeared on the album “Hands Up” from his new album “Noisemakers.”

Lofgren recently released a new track called “Sophisticated” and has also been working on his debut album called “Fade Out,” which is due out in November.

The Shamusis are also a new instrument for the company.

The Shamusij instrument is an analog synthesizer and is based on an instrument the company released last year called the “sophistication instrument.”

The new instrument lets users play and manipulate notes in an analogue manner, with a twist.

The instruments features eight sections and can be programmed to perform any combination of sounds.

Lofren says the Shamsij is the perfect instrument for artists and musicians who want to experiment and get creative with sounds.

“You can have an original instrument that’s not necessarily for you, but you can have a lot of cool sounds, and if you want to use them in your tracks, they’re available,” Lofren told Mashable.

The new instruments also offer new modes for the instrument.

They can be played as two-voice or four-voice, and they can be rewired to perform different kinds of sounds, such as snare drums or percussion.

The new Shamusiq can also be used as a “digital instrument,” which allows users to control the instruments tone, pitch, and volume using a laptop.

There’s also a “mixer,” which can create a “multi-channel sound system” from one instrument.

The company said this can be useful for creating tracks for live performances, or for recording live instruments for other artists.

The instrument is available for $2,900, and the company says it will have new instruments in the works for the fall.

The full list of Texas Instruments instruments can be seen below.

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