Oxford’s Hamilton has been dubbed a “genius” by the BBC

AUSTRALIAN music superstar, actor, author and broadcaster has been named one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

Alexandria Hamilton, 60, has been described by the UK’s Channel 4 as “a genius” and has been praised for her groundbreaking work in the field of film, theatre and theatre design.

She is also one of Australia’s leading proponents of alternative education, which includes the arts, film, music, science and technology.

She has made an impact on Australia’s national consciousness by bringing attention to the plight of refugees in Australia.

Her first book, The Great Gatsby, won the Australian Book Award and was nominated for a Tony Award in the same category.

Her work in education is also recognised in Australia and is described as an example of “a generation of Australian artists and thinkers that is redefining what is possible and what we should aspire to in our society”.

The ABC’s John Bowers said Ms Hamilton had a remarkable life, which included travelling the world to teach English and working on a number of humanitarian projects.

She also has a long history of being a philanthropist and philanthropist, working with the Australian Council of Social Service and the National Aboriginal Women’s Refuge.

“She is a role model and she is a great example for us as a generation,” Mr Bowers told 7.30.

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