What’s next for the ‘veena’ instrument?

Guitarists and acousticians have been experimenting with the new instrument called the Veena.

It’s designed to make instruments sound more natural, but it’s also meant to offer a better performance for those who can’t afford the pricier acoustic instruments.

It will be available to buy in Australia from next month.

The company behind the instrument says it will offer a more natural sound than a traditional acoustic guitar and will also make it easier to use with other instruments. 

The company says the new Veena will sound like a “more natural, refined instrument.”

It’ll be available for $10,000 (about AU$13,000) in Australia and will include a 12-inch body with a full-scale maple top, mahogany neck, and a vintage-style maple fretboard.

The Veena is made by American acoustic guitar company Vox. 

“It’s really just a new type of acoustic guitar that’s very natural and natural sounding,” says Rob Schumacher, CEO of Vox.

“You get that naturalness, you get the same sound, but the volume and dynamics are much more natural and more natural sounding.”

The company’s Veena comes in two models: the smaller model, called the Acoustic Guitar and the larger, more expensive, the Acoustical Guitar II.

Both are available in a range of colours, and both will have a single volume control.

Both models will come with a set of strings, a power amp and a case.

The Veena has been developed by an Australian company called Veena, which says the company’s goal is to make an acoustic guitar sound like an acoustic instrument.

It has partnered with Vox to make the instrument, which was designed to allow players to make music from their homes.

“We’re going to bring these new instruments to the market and I think that we’ll have a really great opportunity to see the impact they’ll have on the guitar industry,” said Mr Schumachers father, Clive Schumchers.

“It’ll be a very big deal, not just in Australia, but around the world.

It’ll bring a whole new world of instrument makers into the industry and a whole different level of sound.”

Mr Schumers father has a history with acoustic guitars, which is why he bought a guitar in the 1960s when it was still a very niche instrument.

“I have a guitar and a violin in my house and they are both acoustic, so it’s not the best idea,” he said.

“But I was able to get both of them and I have had the privilege of having a violin as a guest violinist on stage at some of my concerts.”

The new instrument is not cheap though, with the Acorn Acoustic Model A-2, a model built around the new Vox Veena that costs $3,900 (about $4,600) in the US. 

And there’s still the $1,000-plus Acorn Model B-1, a guitar that is designed to compete with some of the priciest acoustic instruments in the world like the Yamaha DX7 and the Yamaha HS. 

But the company says it is aiming for a higher price point.

“The goal is not to compete directly with any of the top-end acoustic instruments but to provide a competitive price point that’s comparable to the other top-tier acoustic instruments,” said Tim Janssens, CEO and founder of Veena Guitar.

“So we’re aiming to have the price point of $1k or $1.5k at least within the range of the Acorns.”

What makes the Veenas different?

The Veenens body is made of a full scale maple and has a large mahoganny neck with rosewood fingerboard.

It also has a vintage style maple fret board, a vintage Gibson SG bridge, a full size Gibson G-5 humbucker and a high-quality black finish.

The body of the Veene has been designed to sound like “a more natural instrument” as opposed to an acoustic one. 

It also features a large scale maple neck and a rosewood fretboard with a vintage finish.

“This is really an acoustic sound and this is the sound of the guitar, the guitar sounds more natural,” Mr Schuader said.

“When we make the bridge, it’s a very natural sound, the way the guitar plays. 

When we build the body, we’re not doing anything exotic, it just feels like an instrument. 

This is something that’s designed specifically to sound a little bit more natural.”

There are two main components to the Veenes body, one that’s a standard acoustic guitar bridge and another that’s an acoustic bridge with rose wood fingerboard, the company said.

The acoustic bridge uses a single coil to provide volume and sustain while the acoustic bridge has three different components.

“When you look at the sound coming out of the acoustic guitar, you can

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